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The Pinas Project: Trip to Amsterdam to meet the minister of Education, Culture and Science

donderdag 4 mei 2017 - 12:34

Hello, back again for another blog post! We’ve been busy again with some new work for the project, and we went to the minister of education, culture and science

so all in all exciting times!

The 18th of April we went to Amsterdam to meet the minister herself, it was mostly about one of the other RCE projects: The Rooswijk. However, we also got a chance to show the minister our ship, The Pinas, in Virtual Reality.

The setting there was mostly a presentation setting where we showed our current progress within our own projects, giving presentations and in our case, mostly a demonstration.

The controls weren’t clear from the get go, which resulted in some amusing “accidents”.

We showed an updated version of our ship there, some more pieces of the ship were added, some clutter was added and even a simple representation of a fitting character was added to the ship!

Anyhow, what are we doing right now? We’re working on different assets to fill the interior of the ship, this way the user will have a pretty solid idea of the original appearance of the interior and of how life was on board of the ship. Can’t say more for now, but stay tuned for a later update with some more information!

Which brings me to the end of this blog, our main goal right now is working towards a new prototype to test with our target group, after that we’ll continue onwards and take some new decisions on where the project should go.