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The Pinas Project: Visiting Leiden & starting the project

dinsdag 11 april 2017 - 12:03

Hello, we are team Pinas, our team consist of Andre, Jorn, Niels and Sybren. We are working on the next chapter of the pinas project, the last couple of weeks we've been busy working on our own school documentation, but I'll give you a short first recap of our trip to Leiden that we couldn't post yet until now.

On Friday the 17th of March we were in Leiden for our project, we showed a VR setting of the Pinas ship from the previous chapter and presented different concepts for the new project.

The feedback we got from all of this was very useful and will be combined with our own expertise in the upcoming semester to create an addition to the current lessons, based around the 3D model of the Pinas ship type.

The different concepts we showed during our trip were as follows:

  • You can view the differences between the completed and submerged ship

  • You can build the ship as a puzzle.

  • You can view the ship as a miniature and fly around the ship from a bird's eye perspective

The students that tried Virtual Reality were very enthusiastic about it and some of them almost fell overboard.

Before all this however, we snuck a peek at the lesson Martijn was giving, this gave us some important insights into his way of working in teaching the students. This information is important, because we keep can this in the back of our minds when we design the addition to the lessons.  


This was a small excerpt from our trip and the beginning of the project, next time we will talk more about our current prototype and perhaps some other things we will partake in.

I hope this first blog gave you some insight into our beginning. See you next time!